LUSH: Ladybug Bubble Bar Review

So I took this bath a while ago, but the good thing is I always take IPhone notes about products when I’m using them. This one is super special because I actually bought this while it was online “special edition/seasonal item” for myself and a coworker. Here are MY thoughts about it, but sadly it is no longer online… HOPEFULLY LUSH will bring it back next spring. (Cross your fingers!)

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LUSH Review: Snow Angel Bath Melt

So I decided to take a bath today…from my collection I chose to use the one of my Christmas bombs that has been waiting for me to use up. The one I chose is called “Snow Angel”, here’s my thoughts about it:

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LUSH Review: “Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds” Bubble Bar

So I decided to take a bath today to relax and unravel my thoughts. (Also because I was procrastinating to do my homework.) I knew when looking at my LUSH collection that I wanted a bubble bar, but nothing too too extravagant, because I wasn’t using the big tub. I decided to use “Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds”.

Here are my thoughts on the LUSH Bubble Bar “Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds”:

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Review: Jeffree Star Cosmetics Skin Frost in Mint Condition

Hello lovelies! I’ve been obsessing over Jeffree Star’s Instagram and snapchat feed for new JSC products! (Which is weird because I haven’t been wearing makeup a lot). BUT I bought “I’m Nude” Velour Liquid Lipstick, “Mint Condition” Skin Frost, the “Beauty Killer” Palette, “Prom Night” Velour Liquid Lipstick, and “Rich Blood” Velour Liquid Lipstick over the past few weeks. I also have the shade “Rose Matter” arriving next week!

This post will be on my review of the Skin Frost.

I will also be doing reviews on the Liquid Lipsticks, and Eyeshadow Palette in separate posts, so stay tuned!

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Review: Makeup Geek Cosmetics

Hello, back again with another eyeshadow company review! This week’s review is from Makeup Geek Cosmetics. This is my second order from this company, here are my honest thoughts about what I’ve purchased from this company.

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LUSH Review: Guardian of the Forest Bath Bomb

So I decided to take a bath today to relax before I start my load of school work. I have a HUGE Vegan LUSH collection and decided I wanted something “new” and a bath bomb. I opted for “Guardian of the Forest”.  Here’s a quick review of my thoughts:

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First Impressions: ColourPop Cosmetics

Hello lovelies! I recently ordered Sugarpill, Makeup Geek, Jeffree Star and Colourpop Cosmetics in a huge haul period and have some first impressions. Today’s first impressions are for two eyeshadows and four lip products from ColourPop Cosmetics.

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