Recipe Wednesday: Vegan Knuckle Sandwich

One of my favorite things about cooking is the ability to taste something so amazing, go home and recreate it.

I had a vegan knuckle (club) sandwich last week and decided to recreate it at home using what I already had in my pantry! It turned out amazing!

The sandwich description used at the restaurant was “a club piled high with maple-hickory bacon, grilled onions, roasted red peppers, lettuce, romas, spicy Dijon mayo on toasted sourdough”. 

I substituted for what I didn’t have.

What I used:

Whole Wheat Bread (toasted)

Spicy Chinese Mustard + Vegan Mayo  *

Vegan bacon

1/2 medium yellow onion

1/4 green bell pepper

Iceberg lettuce + romaine

Cherry tomatoes

1/2 package tofu

1-2 teaspoon olive oil

2 teaspoons soy sauce

1 teaspoon oregano

Dash of smoked paprika

Dash of cumin.

Dill pickle: optional. Used for side garnish.

*I didn’t have Dijon Mustard in my pantry when I did this, so I mixed vegan mayo together with a little (about 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon) of spicy Chinese mustard.  I am trying to avoid spicy foods because of my UC. 

The process is fairly simple.

1. ) You cook the bacon as the package directions say (you could use tempeh bacon, but I didn’t have any when I did this), saute the onion and bell pepper on medium heat with some olive oil and add the soy sauce and a dash of smoked paprika, cook for about 12 mins or until the onions cook down to that gorgeous brown color.

2.)  Meanwhile, chop all of the veggies, cut the tofu into thin rectangle shapes, and toast your bread. (I only made one sandwich for my lunch). I added a dash of cumin and some oregano to the tofu just so the tofu wouldn’t be bland on the sandwich.

3.) When the onions are done cooking, or if the pan is big enough, cook your tofu in the pan with olive oil. You want to simply sear it on both sides for a few minutes. You want the tofu to be crisp on the outside. Drain on a paper towel once done.

4.) Once everything is cooked you can assemble your sandwich. For my sandwich I did:

Top bun, spicy mustard and mayo, bacon, grilled onions and peppers, tomato slices, tofu, lettuce, just Vegan Mayo , middle bun, tomato slices, grilled onions, few more slices of bacon, spicy mustard and mayo, bottom bun.

I tried to stick to the restaurant version as close as possible.

It turned out delicious. I served it with a dill pickle on the side. It was overall very quick to make and I had enough onions, bacon and tofu leftover to make more sandwiches.

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