Fortune Cookie Soap First Impression/It’s Only a Dream Soap Review.

So I brought my first order from Fortune Cookie Soap on 6/42/16, I purchased an Alice in Wonderland 2.0: Bath bomb, fortune cookie soap and perfume roller. I also purchased from their regular collection a few other bombs. This review is for my first FCS Soap and my overall thoughts:

(I will also be posting a Brand Review and comparison to LUSH in the future. Keep an eye out for that!)


  • The soaps come packaged in thin white envelope type packages that are shut by the sticker.
  • The sticker includes the obvious things: Name of the soap, Brand Name, Collection (if any) and ingredients.
  • Every Fortune Cookie shaped soap comes with a unique fortune inside!
  • As you can tell from their website, they take pride in packaging and every soap is unique.
  • The glitter on the soap was damaged, as in the images, when it arrived before use. I am not concerned because I understand soaps and body products such as this are handmade.


  • The soap lathered really well. I found it made a lot of bubbles and felt moisturizing while doing so.
  • I felt as though the soap was moisturizing my skin while in use, but after you wash the soap off my skin felt very tight and dry. (My skin however does this with LUSH Bar soaps as well, but not with Shower Gels).
  • After getting out of the shower though, my skin felt slightly moisturized than usual.


  • The glitter didn’t stick to my skin from the outside decorations of the soap.
  • I compared the longevity of the soap to my Karma soap from LUSH. I had used the Karma Soap about 10 times already. According to FCS’s website their soaps last up to 50 handwashes… my soap lasted about 15 body washes or so.
  • After 3 washes the glitter had lathered off the black base.
  • After 5 washes the very top of the soap started to lather down.
  • After 7 washes the soap had split in half slightly, and was beginning to get very soft.
  • After 10 washes the soap broke down into pieces, which when wet I molded back into a ball shape.
  • The scent lingered after I got out of the shower, and I could smell it fade off throughout the hours of the day.
  • What I love about this soap is that the scent stays!
  • The scent is fruity, which I love. But has this underlying “musky” scent that is PERFECT for Alice in Wonderland themed!


Soap again, I edited the contrast in order to show you the glitters more finely.
Again, contrast edited.
After first use, still wet. See the lather.



  • USD: $4.95
  • Size: Unknown.


  • This soap is vegan.
  • The scent of this soap is really unique, smells amazing and stays on your skin afterwards.
  • The prize and overall product you receive is amazing!


  • Have to order FCS products online and they sell out FAST if in a collection like this one.
  • The soap was limited edition to the Alice in Wonderland 2.0 Collection.
  • The tightening of the skin could be a con if others experience this as well with using bar soaps.

Overall Verdict:

  • I liked the scent and product enough to place quite a few more orders!
  • Rating: 3.8/5 stars.


You can buy Fortune Cookie Soap Products from depending on your country, of course. They post sneak peaks of products on their FB group and on Instagram.