First Impression: Sugarpill Eyeshadows

Hello lovelies! I’ve been debating forever on whether or not to buy Sugarpill eyeshadows. I own the Urban Decay Electric Palette and have barely touched it! Especially for work situations, I question … “When will I ever wear this?” Well, luckily for me Sugarpill was sold out of everything I did want! But I decided to buy two pairs of eyelashes, two pressed eyeshadows and one loose eyeshadow. (All vegan!)

So here are my first impressions of my first ever Sugarpill products!


  • Very unique, and playful!
  • I appreciate the sticker at the bottom with the name of the color.


  • I found the loose eyeshadow, Charmy, to be pigmented but sheer.
  • The pressed eyeshadows, Frostine was the sheerest of them all, and Candy Crush was the best pigmentation.


  • Candy Crush was slightly chalky when swatching and applying. Frostine was very sheer and chalky.
  • When applying them dry, with a primer, Frostine barely showed up on my eyelid and eventually faded off entirely.
  • When applying Frostine dry, with a white base underneath, the color stuck better and showed up clear.
  • I found Charmy harder to work with. I felt I had to build the color up. For $13 in a single shadow I feel as though that is not impressive.


Frostine pressed eyeshadow- no flash.


Candy Crush pressed eyeshadow- no flash.


Packaging of loose eyeshadow.
Loose eyeshadow Charmy.
Swatches (Left to Right): Frostine, Candy Crush. Charmy -no flash.
Swatches (Left to Right): Frostine, Candy Crush. Charmy- with flash.
Eye swatch w/ primer, no white base. Mid brown crease color, Charmy on eyelid, Frostine on outer corner, Candy Crush on lower lash line.


  • .12 fl oz. in each pressed shadow, .14 oz in the loose shadow. Each tube retails at 13 USD.
  • Felt as though the shadows were quite sheer even with a primer, but without a white base.


  • 100% Cruelty Free and VEGAN!!!
  • CUTE
  • Easier to save in palettes.


  • Only available online.
  • All the palettes I wanted were sold out.
  • 2/3 shades were hard to apply.
  • 2/3 shades were sheer.
  • Little irritation on eyes the first time applied. (Burning, watering) This irritation went away after applying on another day.


Overall Verdict:  While Sugarpill is a highly raved about “Indie” Makeup brand, I can see where they have their pros and cons. Overall, I think the shadows will serve me well if applied with a white base. I’d buy or try again. 


Later update:  I tried using Frostine with a white base and wearing all day, you can literally watch it fade to nothing throughout the day.. so I am not impressed with that eyeshadow and it was very chalky. The irritation I experienced the first time applying went away after trying the shadows again.

My verdict/opinion may have changed not with the products themselves, but the company. Sugarpill Cosmetics had the nerve to steal/repost my image of “Charmy” onto their page without my consent. In under an hour the image had 6,000 likes and multiple comments. Sugarpill did tag me in the photo, but they used my image without consent. I contacted Sugarpill directly where they did not remove the image, or reply to me. Therefore, I contacted Instagram and had the image removed. I feel like reposting on Instagram as a beauty page seems common, but it is against copyright laws to use someone else’s images without consent. The product “image” is not yours to share in the first place. Also, as a professional company you would expect them to have the courtesy to ask before using your images. (Or hire professional photographers/product photographers for that purpose).


You can buy Sugarpill directly from, follow their Facebook or Instagram account for updates!



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