Review: Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Velour Liquid Lipsticks

Hello lovelies! I’ve been dying to get my hands on more of Jeffree Star’s Velour Liquid Lipsticks since I bought my first two back in October 2015. My first two shades were Celebrity Skin and Unicorn Blood, and it was their formula that BLEW ME AWAY!

Today, I am here with four more shades (Gemini, Doll Parts, RedRum, and Queen Supreme), two of them newer shades (Gemini and Doll Parts). I literally stalked their website Friday in order to score these new shades! I was a little unsure about the shade Gemini because it looked too brown for my tastes, but it turned out to surprise me. So let’s get onto my thoughts/first impressions of these four shades.


  • Very unique, gorgeous packaging compared to other companies.
  • I personally love the size and shape of the tube, which contains .19 fl oz. in each tube.
  • I appreciate the tube having a sticker at the bottom with the name of the color.


  • I found all of the shades I bought, except one, to be very opaque.
  • The shade RedRum is VERY opaque, Gemini and Doll Parts were equally opaque, those three shades only need one swipe and done!
  • The shade that was a slight disappointment in opacity compared to the other shades was Queen Supreme. I’m not sure if this is due to the bright neon color, but one swipe is bright, but sheerer than the rest.


  • Not tacky/sticky, not overly drying.
  • Perfect amount of drying on the lips.
  • I found the Shades RedRum and Queen Supreme to dry almost instantly, Gemini and Doll Parts took a few minutes to dry matte, and left some residue when kissed on the back of my hand.

Lasting Power: 

  • The best lasting power from a liquid lipstick I have tried!
  • Lasts a good amount of the day, about 6 hours, depending what you are eating/drinking throughout the day.
  • I am able to eat and drink with them, but I would recommend reapplying half way through the day.


  • Queen Supreme, RedRum and Doll Parts have no flavor scent.
  • Gemini smells of Root Beer.

Special Features:

  •  Unlike other liquid lipsticks, these have a “clicking” sound when properly closed. I love this feature! I am so paranoid of drying out products!


  •          Dome foot applicator. Slanted flat front of the wand.


(Gemini, Doll Parts, Queen Supreme. RedRum) with flash.
Gemini, Doll Parts, Queen Supreme, RedRum- without flash.
Gemini, Doll Parts, Queen Supreme, RedRum- without flash.
Gemini- without flash.
Gemini- tube, without flash.
Gemini wand- without flash.


Swatches (Left to Right): Gemini, Doll Parts, Queen Supreme, RedRum (with flash).
Swatches (Left to Right): Celebrity Skin, Gemini, Doll Parts, Queen Supreme, RedRum, Unicorn Blood. (With flash).



  •          .19 fl oz. in each tube. Each tube retails at 18 USD. (And worth the price tag)
  •          There is a limit of 2 lipsticks per shade per customer. I personally like this policy, it restricts extra products being bought and sold through outside sources. It also allows other customers to buy the shades they wish.


  • Opaque and pigmented.
  • Easy to apply!
  • Long lasting/ not overly drying/not heavy.
  • Doesn’t feather.
  • Minimal transfer.
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • 100% Cruelty Free and VEGAN!!!
  • Sold through other websites/sources.


  •          Only available online. (But as mentioned in pros, sold through other websites)
  •          Some shades sold out.
  •          Takes a few weeks to restock.

You can buy Jeffree Star Cosmetics directly from , follow their Facebook or Instagram account for updates!

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